About Us

Vaaya is a Digital Media Agency. We are determined to deliver unparalleled results for our advertisers, publishers and media partners by providing a broad spectrum of solutions and marketing support services across all digital channels.

Our Vision

We aspire to be at the forefront of our fast-paced and fragmented industry by focusing on client’s requirement and provide them with tailor made media strategies that relentlessly drive results.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver transformative Digital Marketing Solutions with a tangible impact on the bottom line and ensure exceptional ROI – month after month and year after year.

Our Objectives

To harness the state-of-art technologies and processes that maximize productivity and create the platform for eventual business success.


We believe in providing quality services to our clients and affiliates. We offer a comprehensive array of affiliate management services designed to maximize the profits and provide focused services.


From SSP and DSP to Ad exchange and ad network, all taking part in the auction, buying and selling ad inventory. With this universal tool, we help our publishers to sell ad inventory to the most interested media buyer willing to pay the highest price. We also guarantee the advertisers that their ad is served to the right customer with best traffic quality on publisher’s site.

Performance Solutions

We connect with our advertisers and publishers through CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI and CPM. With massive traffic as well as campaign inventory and performance marketing expertise, we scale up ourselves to fulfill every business need, be it branding, and lead generation, acquisitions or app installs.

Campaign Analysis

Our mobile analytics and reporting solutions provide real-time attribution and de-duplication of all clicks, installs and events to advertising sources to track performance against KPIs. Our post-install event tracking technology enables us to monitor results against your quality KPIs and optimise campaigns real-time.

Anti-Fraud Technology

Interactive dashboards - Simple UI to keep you on top of your campaign trends.
Real time blocking - Models to allow for real time postback blocking, leveraging multiple reason codes.
Fraud detectors - Our detectors and algorithms use a mix of advanced technologies to check patterns for uncovering bots, automated scripts, malware and other forms of illegitimate traffic.

Mobile Marketing

Get instant reach across all markets, platforms and channels and target in-market audiences to grow your active mobile user base. Our range of engagement metrics and KPI optimization will help an app to become a scalable and sustainable part of the business.
● Drive brand engagement
● Acquire and activate users
● Global reach and scale
● Re-market to existing users

In-house Solutions

Visualization - Track the campaign performance in real-time. Optimize the audience segments on the go.
Synchronization - Leverage the data by transferring it directly to the largest ad networks, exchanges, DSPs & social platforms.
Segmentation - Easily customize segments of raw data on the basis of location, OS, device, carrier, IAB category, age, interests, language, gender & more.
Data Ingestion - Access raw data using SDK and pass raw/processed segments over API connectors.

Our Skills

We research the target group, dig deep, analyze and structure the inputs to offer a strategy that meets the objectives. We help in better understanding of users, deliver practical solutions and in turn, accelerate the growth. Known for our disciplined approach towards providing the highest value of satisfaction to every customer, we work with.


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